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Statement on the Upcoming BCH Hard Fork

The Bitcoin Cash network will be subject to two competing consensus-breaking rule changes on November 15th, 16:40:00 GMT (timestamp 1542300000). Both Bitcoin ABC v0.18.3 and Bitcoin SV v0.1.0 contain modifications to consensus critical code that are incompatible with one another and the preexisting rule set. These hard forking changes could produce up to 3 independent blockchains: one which follows the old ruleset, another which follows BCHABC and a third which tracks BCHSV.

While CardCoins does not accept user deposits, we do make outbound payments to our customers. To eliminate the possibility of broadcasting transactions that are replayed or made stale by way of reorganization, CardCoins will temporarily suspend Bitcoin Cash orders until further notice. Outstanding Bitcoin Cash orders that have not completed payment before November 15th 12:40:00 GMT will be cancelled.

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